Adam Vinatieri’s Race Weekend Speech
Adam Vinatieri speaking at the 2018 DMC Race Party Weekend

As part of DMC’s Annual Race Party Weekend, we host a gourmet breakfast Saturday morning for all of our invited guests that is followed by a business meeting, featuring highly-regarded speakers that provide unique insight and wisdom to our attendees. In 2018, we were very fortunate to be able to have our spokesperson, and future football Hall of Famer, Adam Vinatieri come to speak at the Saturday Race Party breakfast.

Adam Vinatieri has one of the most impressive careers in his sport, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, Vinatieri has played in 365 career games over his 25-year football career. He holds the record for most points scored of any professional football player, at 2,673, and has made a record-breaking 599 field goals, 56 of them being in important post-season games that often led to his team’s advancement. 

Adam epitomizes what a person can achieve when they are committed to doing things the right way and continuously putting in their best effort for the sake of the team. In his speech, Adam made a clear connection to how the mindset he maintains for his success in his profession clearly translates to the culture upheld at DMC and ideals and practices all employees at any company should strive to uphold.

Expanding on the correlation between the two professional fields, Adam explained, “DMC’s culture is built to be the best transportation insurance provider on the planet. Their environment is one of principles, integrity, accountability, focus, customer service, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Every team I have played on had a competitive drive to be great, we made no excuses and were accountable. We sacrificed for each other.

Like a [football] team, companies don’t succeed when the culture is fractured. Think about what it takes to execute a field goal or an extra point. It looks simple enough on TV, right? Well, the offensive line has to execute their blocking assignments, the long snapper must deliver a perfect snap, the holder must complete a perfect hold, and I have to finish by splitting the uprights. Communication is key. There are many variables that can disrupt the try, however, you must trust your teammates to get their jobs done and they rely on you to finish.”

“We have a saying in our [football] circles – “Don’t be the guy to let your teammate down.” It works the same way in your business. If someone is unreliable and can’t do their job, the business falters. That’s where accountability comes in. In my profession, if you take shortcuts, you will be exposed. It’s the same for any company.” – Adam Vinatieri

Adam’s speech was inspiring and continues to hold true. No single person can succeed without the effort and synergy of the entire team. You can’t cut corners and expect to be the best; you have to do things the right way. This is an important motto at DMC, and it represents the strong connection we’ve built with Adam Vinatieri as our valued spokesperson.

All of the attendees were able to meet Adam, get his signature, and snap a picture together following his speech. As always, Adam’s charisma and relatability were very much appreciated and enjoyed by all. We at DMC are very lucky to have him as part of our team, and we hope his hard work, determination, and grit continue to inspire all those that interact with him, whether in business, on the field, or with your personal relationships and goals.

To learn more about Adam Vinatieri’s partnership with DMC Insurance, click here

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