Adam Vinatieri

DMC insurance Partnership

Outreach, Community, Perseverance: Adam and DMC believe in doing your best and being the best you can be each and every day. Adam has built his career on precision execution and a relentless dedication to refining his craft. Every day, DMC deploys our time-tested playbook, refined over decades of trucking-specific experience, with precision to serve our insureds. Adam and DMC have both proven to be the best in their professions, and now strive to utilize that success to positively impact their communities and help those in need. 

Adam’s Fundamental Key’s to Success

“Every day is another opportunity to put your stamp on your life. Doing things right is being a good husband at home, being a good father, getting up and going to work and not only doing my job, but helping some of the other players out and being an example.”

Doing Things the Right Way.


Learn how Adam Vinatieri, record-breaking kicker and future hall-of-famer, and Joe DeVito, DMC CEO, met, their shared values, and what never taking a day off represents.

Alignment of Values

“I just appreciate their (DMC’s) commitment to excellence. The same things that make my team successful are the same things that make them successful. Commitment and determination, and doing all the right things and doing it the right way. It’s different obviously, it’s a different career, but a lot of the steps match up together.”

Remarkable Accuracy

DMC’s transformative, fact-based findings, best practices and implementation experts make success second nature for their insureds. We have the capability to provide data-driven insights that, when leveraged, can make the businesses the serve incrementally better.

Relentless Dedication

DMC is an extension of your team. We work relentlessly to deliver the best insurance products and services in a landscape that is increasingly challenging. DMC works hard to protect your business today – and we’ll work even harder tomorrow.

Unwavering Commitment

Success in football, like success in life, requires perseverance. DMC has an unwavering commitment to approaching transportation insurance the right way – even when it isn’t the easy way. This helps our customers grow and protect their businesses.

Adam Vinatieri & DMC Insurance

DMC Tabletop Football Challenge

Adam attended the 2020 Truckload Carriers Association Convention in Kissimmee, FL with DMC Insurance to compete against participating attendees in the first-ever DMC Tabletop Football Challenge. Contestants had the opportunity to face Adam head-to-head in a flick-football field goal scoring tournament!

Adam and DMC CEO, Joe Devito

DMC spokesperson, McKinzie Roth sits down with CEO, Joe Devito and football legend and DMC spokesperson, Adam Vinatieri to discuss the background behind their partnership and what drives their mutual success. 

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