We will always take time to answer your claims questions.

The following information is provided as a general resource for our insured clients. For answers to questions about a specific loss, talk to your claim adjuster or broker, who could more thoroughly explain your insurance coverage, processes and claims options  as well as answer any other questions you may have.


Information You Will Need

Download your Claims Accident Kit

See the list below for key information you will need to file your claim. We understand you may not have all of this information immediately available. When you provide your First Notice of Loss, please provide as much detail as possible. Once further details of the loss or claim are known, you can simply contact your claim professional.

Maintain key claims details.

To stay organized, we recommend you maintain a file and keep the file with you regarding your insurance claim that includes the following:

Your business name as it appears on the policy

Policy number

Claim number

Claim adjuster name, mailing address, phone number and title

Estimates, correspondence and notes of phone conversations regarding the claims settlement

Whenever you talk to your claims adjuster, your documentation will help ensure the claim is processed in a timely, accurate manner.

What if I have a question about my claim?

If you have not filed a claim, and have general questions, please contact your broker/agent or contact us at (844) 362-4467.

If you have a question regarding your medical bill payment for your Workers’ Compensation claim, please contact your claims adjuster for further assistance.


What documents do I need to submit my claim?

You may be requested to provide the following documents including but not limited to photographs, police or fire reports, incident reports, estimates, bills of lading, medical bills, contracts or lawsuits.  Your claims adjuster will instruct you how to provide the documentation.


What is the process when I have an accident?

Do not discuss liability with other parties who may be at fault.  Only discuss the accident with the authorities or your company. Instead, gather information about who was involved (name, address, phone numbers, etc.), and promptly report your claim to us.

Insurance Fraud

Our Anti-Fraud Program is designed to identify and honor only valid claims, while maintaining the highest level of satisfaction for our policyholders.  Through our affiliates, we maintain an in-house Special Investigations Unit (SIU) that is fully staffed with experienced investigators located strategically throughout the country.  SIU Investigators work closely with law enforcement and state anti-fraud agencies, and we are a member of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, engaged in a cooperative and proactive effort to combat insurance fraud.

If you suspect insurance fraud, call (844) 362-4667 or make a report by email


Our subrogation team has consistently set and achieved recovery percentage goals exceeding industry averages.  We have claim professionals dedicated to Property, Workers’ Compensation and Auto claims recovery.  Our recovery successes translate into lower out-of-pocket losses for our policyholders. Our subrogation claim professionals are engaged at the beginning of a claim, developing and protecting evidence necessary to effectively pursue negligent third parties.

Spill Reporting Program

A pollution spill is not only costly, but involves litigation, scientific complexity, government regulatory involvement, and media attention.  DMC Insurance has partnered with the top experts in environmental remediation and litigation in order to provide world-class service in assessing, analyzing and responding to these incidents.

We will provide you direct access to a dedicated team of professionals experienced in the areas of environmental emergency response, investigation and remediation of accidental releases of hazmat and other regulated materials. If one of your tanks, facilities, or trucks has an accident with a spill and requires emergency clean up, the DMC team can help you. 

Tow Management

Many of our clients at one time or another have been subject to abusive or excessive tow bills.  When an accident occurs, towing companies can take advantage of emergency situations by charging extreme tow bills without consent and then hold the equipment until the bill is paid.  We work with the best legal firms in the nation with strong track records of expediting the release of trucks, trailers and cargo while reducing inflated tow bills.

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