DMC Contract Claims Services

Personalized Service & Dedicated Contacts

DMC Contract Claims will handle all liability claims that fall within your self-retention.  You will have access to detailed loss runs for claims within and in excess of your retained layer.  We will communicate directly with your dedicated claims contacts on claim status, reserve authority, settlement authority, and payments.  Our claims process is custom-tailored to you and your desired level of involvement.

We are transportation experts, with decades of claims experience.  With DMC, you have the benefit of a dedicated and responsive team of transportation experts.

Fleet Expertise

It is critical for your contract claims service to have expertise in handling transportation claims.  Our claim professionals have the requisite skills and experience to handle large fleet claims.  They will assist you throughout the claim process to ensure the best possible outcome.


We achieve results for our clients through our expertise and network of qualified vendors and defense attorneys.  In the event a claim results in litigation, we use strict management procedures and protocols to ensure the best possible outcome for each claim.  Clients benefit from more control over how their claims are managed. We will treat your money as if it were our own.

As your partner and contract claims service provider we are responsive to your needs.  Each client will have an assigned Contract Claims Specialist to ensure that your claims are resolved quickly and to make sure you receive the service you deserve.  We believe transparency is important in the claim process.

DMC Contract Claims Services Program Details

Dedicated Contract Claims Specialist

Responsible for developing a tailored service plan and ensuring service is delivered to your expectations.

Claims Reporting

We have a 24/7 intake service.  Accident kits will be provided upon request.

Online Access & Loss Runs

Upon request we will provide online access to your claims and loss runs.

National Vendor Network

National network of qualified vendors and defense attorneys to assist in resolving your claims in the most effective manner possible.

Litigation Management

In the event of litigation, we utilize the most current and appropriate evaluation procedures and protocols.