Making data actionable to help our partners make informed decisions on their next move

Data is everywhere, and our Data Science department lives to make data actionable and help our internal and external partners make informed decisions on their next move. 

Our professionals are trained to look at data in order to identify, collect, and analyze information from the myriad of different sources available today. They work with our risk engineers and claims staff to improve each department’s ability to achieve results for our customers:

Holistic Risk Engineering

Data science overlays to a rich profile of risk events against benchmarks and trends in order to isolate key points of emphasis for our custom service plans.

Claims Improvement

Our claims handling playbook benefits tremendously from a data science approach to assessing adjusters, defense attorneys, venues, and facts of the case.

Risk Optimization

Are you aware of the additional risks it costs you to operate in certain territories, open new lanes, hire a different class of drivers, or even exposed to you by certain shippers or profit centers?  Our data scientists work with your assigned risk engineer to help you obtain data-driven and factful answers to these questions.

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