Doing Things The Right WaY

What Does Doing Things The Right Way Mean to DMC?

Doing Things The Right Way

We know every day is an opportunity to earn our customers’ business and protect their interests.

Adam Vinatieri & Joe DeVito

Learn how Adam Vinatieri, record-breaking kicker and future hall-of-famer and Joe DeVito, DMC CEO, met, their shared values, and never taking a day off. 

The DMC Customer Profile

What does it mean to be a DMC customer?

DMC works with a very select client base of only the best trucking fleets in the industry; only those companies that are also committed to “doing things the right way.”

We go through a rigorous process in selecting our broker partners, targeting potential insureds, and reviewing submission information. We strive to make our customer portfolio an exclusive club.

Our customers are comprised of sophisticated and safe operations with a long history of success.

What does this mean to you?

You know that you are in good company.  Safe and quality insureds in your insurance portfolio means stable rates, a strong risk management focus, and an ability to constantly invest in product and service innovation.

DMC Insurance