Risk Engineering

DMC is dedicated to helping our clients identify risks and find solutions for safety improvements. Our Risk Engineering services provide a tailored, data-driven approach for ongoing performance analysis. Your assigned risk engineer begins by meeting with you onsite for an in-depth consultation to analyze the key causes of risk within your organization and develop a customized service plan. They use their expertise to track trends over time and detect opportunities to reduce accidents and workplace injuries. Through regular service visits and quarterly collaboration sessions with your entire DMC account team, they maintain a comprehensive understanding of your operation to actively partner with you on improvement strategies. 

Key Focus Areas

Loss Reduction
Key Metric Review
Coaching & Culture

Loss Reduction

Utilize data analysis to identify the root cause of your losses and prioritize feedback to elicit change and develop a plan of action.

Loss Reduction

Our Risk Engineering Team

Our DMC risk engineers are dedicated to helping our clients improve their safety and risk management practices. With over 200 years of collective experience in the transportation and insurance industry, our team has a wealth of knowledge they collaboratively draw on to identify and support risk improvement opportunities. They have worn many hats, including as safety directors, truck drivers, operations and logistics specialists, and legal and claims professionals. Our risk engineers have first-hand experience with the issues insureds of all sizes face on a daily basis, and through ongoing partnership, they are a valuable resource for our insureds.

Examples of Services We Provide:

  • Risk assessments
  • Driver analysis and remediation solutions
  • CSA Analysis
  • Cause of loss and accident review/analysis
  • Mitigation technique guidance
  • Best practices review and recommendations
  • Safety operations and technology reviews
  • Driver recruiting and retention consultation
  • OSHA Reviews and workplace evaluations
  • Worker injury prevention consultation
  • Management safety and risk alignment
  • Telematics vetting, training, review, and analysis
  • Driver coaching programs
  • Data trend reviews
  • Contract reviews
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Compliance reviews and DOT audits
  • Safety data consultation and guidance

Read about the value found through collaboration with our clients and their stories:


“We created a risk team, including the DMC team, to help bring us to the next level. An important component of the risk team’s success has been the reports and feedback we get from our risk engineer, including both positive and negative feedback. We want to have the good and bad, and he doesn’t hold back. This feedback has been a contributing factor in improving our operations.”

– VP of Safety & Risk Management at a large trucking carrier

“Tina’s ability to build relationships with her clients is what sets her apart as a risk engineer. She doesn’t come across as trying to tell the client what to do but comes across as a partner working to help them. She’s able to really drill down to what the issue is and offer a good resolution and how to fix or improve it. She offers tools they may not have considered otherwise. She has been very impactful.”

– EVP of Transportation at a leading brokerage firm

“DMC is the kind of company that won’t just sit in your meetings and take notes. They came back with recommendations and outlines of policies that can benefit you. We don’t have all the answers. DMC is very much attempting to be a value-added partner. It seems more like a partnership to us than any of our previous carriers. Our Risk Engineer, Joel Paska, understands what it’s like to sit on my side of the table. He’s very knowledgeable and has helped to benefit our operation.”

– VP of Risk Management at a transportation corporation

“Our Risk Engineer sets the bar. If we don’t have a particular program or safety measure in place, the DMC Risk Engineering team provides recommendations. They work with us on each recommendation to help us develop the format for how we can implement each request.”

– CFO at 500+ unit logistics company

Success Stories

Below are examples of the work our risk engineers do on a regular basis to provide value to our partners.

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