Service Commitment

We are Your Transportation Partners.

Our goal is to exceed client expectations.  We are committed to continual improvement using performance metrics, client feedback, data insights, and technology to keep our solutions on the forefront of success.

Every day, we commit the following to you.

Account Leads

Each insured client will be appointed a lead contact.They will request and serve as point of contact for gathering your feedback. Any standard questions such as making a payment, policy inquires, or filing a claim, should be directed to 1-844-DMC-4467.

Listen & Respond

We listen and respond to our broker partners’ and insureds’ needs as they evolve, always mindful of the constantly changing landscape related to technology, regulation and all areas of transportation insurance.


Our goal is to make all interactions with everyone efficient, effective, transparent and honest.


Your feedback is important to us.  We’d like to know if we  need to make improvements. If you are currently experiencing an issue, please contact us at We will work to resolve as quickly as possible.