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Using Data to Reduce Risk the Right Way

An insured was looking for help assessing which driver violations they should address first. Our Risk Engineer and Data Science department analyzed the insured’s driving data over a 12-month period. From this baseline, there were 65K system-triggered speeding events among 250 drivers at 15 different terminals. The insured was not equipped to identify where to prioritize resources. After some initial study of loss history by the DMC Risk Engineer, the Data Science team dug deeper to address the most concerning events.

Together, they created a new event type that identified instances where a speeding alert immediately preceded a hard braking alert. Through historical data and research, our Risk Engineer assessed that this alert was more likely to result in a severe accident than speeding on its own. This focused event type lowered the number of prioritized events to less than 100, a much more actionable number.

The new prioritized alert allowed the insured to identify a subset of drivers that gave rise to this much more consequential event type. By isolating the most at-risk drivers of the large driving force, we were able to provide data-backed, targeted coaching opportunities for our insured’s safety team. Download the full case study.

Helping Our Insureds Get Safer the Right Way

A Senior Risk Engineer at DMC set a goal for one of her customers to reduce their preventable DOT accidents and Hours of Service violations. To achieve this, she introduced various tools, including a training and coaching video platform resource. Our Risk Engineer also provided regular analyses of the insured’s Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) and loss data, as well as a predictive model for their CSA scores. This information helped the insured identify areas where driver coaching and training could be improved.

As a result of this initiative, the insured implemented a detailed communication plan that regularly provided performance information to drivers and the president of the trucking operation. This led to increased support from all levels of the organization to actively reduce violations and accidents. Since implementing these new procedures, the insured reduced their monthly Hours of Service violations by 15% and reduced DOT recordable accidents by an impressive 19%. Proactive partnership as an additional resource for our insureds is the role of our Risk Engineering team. They work with each DMC account at every level of coverage to seek opportunities for safety improvements.

Discovering Truth Behind Claims the Right Way

Our DMC SIU team pulled out all the stops to uncover a fraudulent claimant. An insured’s employee filed for workers’ compensation and collected disability benefits after he was involved in an accident in the workplace. Our team and the insured began to have suspicions after continuous monitoring of the claim and agreed to investigate the claimant further. Extensive social media searches and surveillance were conducted that uncovered the claimant was actively working another job, similar in nature to his job with our insured, and traveling the world while collecting disability benefits.

Payments were stopped, and the case went to litigation after the claimant sought damages. With the compelling evidence and testimonials from DMC SIU, the claimant didn’t have much of a case. DMC and the insured won, resulting in reimbursement for the expenses already paid out. Our role is to protect the insureds and the deserving parties, and we will always seek out the right solution. That is exactly what our DMC SIU team did, exposing the individual who was taking advantage of a system in place to protect both businesses and their employees.

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