DMC Products

DMC has a rich and customizable product portfolio to solve your insurance needs, as well as the flexibility to consider standalone offerings. Whatever your risk strategy is, we have a solution for you.

For decades, we have been involved in some of the most innovative product evolutions to serve the fleet trucking space. As the landscape continues to evolve, it’s important to partner with a company that knows how to evolve with it to solve risk management needs into the future.

Fleet Trucking 35+


Primary and Excess Limits

Guaranteed Cost, Deductible, or Retention Options

Several Expense Treatment Options

Flexible Claims Handling

Alternative and Customized Risk Transfer Structures

Creative Collateral Solutions

Potential for Multi-Year Terms

Enhanced Coverage Endorsements

Basket Retention Options

Excess Liability Coverage


Supported or Unsupported

Retained Limits or Follow-Form

Corridors, Quota Shares, and Other Participatory/Structure Elements

Product-Specific Service Package

Flexible Attachment Points

Potential for Multi-Year Terms




workers' compensation

Workers' Compensation


Multiple Policy Options Including Deductible, Excess and Retro

Broad Range of Deductible/Retention Options

Statutory Limits

Monoline Coverage Available

Employers Liability (Stop Gap) Available With Higher Limits As Needed

Basket Retention Options for WC Where Permitted

Learn More About the Unique Benefits of our WC Solution

independent contractors

Independent Contractors


Individual & Master Policy Arrangements

Non-Trucking Liability

Physical Damage

Workers’ Compensation | Occupational Accident

Various Contingent Liability Solutions

Wide Array of Options | Endorsements




Trucking Product Features

Monthly Reporting | Flexible Payment Options | Technology for Ease of Use | Active Account Management

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