Doing Things the Right Way

Creating Lasting Results

DMC representative talking about safety with an insured on a loading dock.


Collaborating with our insureds and actively helping them reduce accidents to make the nation’s roads safer is important to every member of the DMC team.

DMC aggressively solving claims challenges for their insureds.


Aggressively solving claim challenges with an unrivaled discipline to see each claim closed fairly and quickly as appropriate.

DMC offers stability and long-term partnership with a highly-selective underwriting playbook.


Stability and long-term partnerships are created by adhering to our highly-selective underwriting playbook that only accepts the safest fleets.

DMC is heavily involved in supporting and advocating for the trucking industry.


We are heavily involved in supporting and advocating for the trucking industry and volunteering our time and resources to aid charitable causes.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement


Reduction in Accidents

Over the last 5 years, our customers have reduced their injury accidents by 17%, while the industry has seen an increase of 30%.


Claims Dollars Saved

Through fraud detection and other rigorous investigation techniques, we’ve saved over $75M in the last 5 years. We pay what we owe and work hard to resolve claims fairly and in a timely manner.


Disciplined Underwriting

Our insureds have 44% fewer accidents than the national average. Having the safest portfolio of risks in the country means stability for our customers.


Meticulous in Our Portfolio Selectivity

As a company, we have a sustainable, long-term approach to how we price business and the accounts we accept into our portfolio, and we don’t compromise on those standards. We use facts and data to support every decision we make, and we don’t allow premium growth to be prioritized higher than stability and lasting partnerships.

We prepare harder than anyone in the industry to ensure we are working with the best fleets.

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