DMC Risk Engineering™

We are interested in being your partners, not your inspectors. DMC Insurance believes there is an inherent alignment between your business success and ours. Therefore we take a different approach to insurance — a partnership to improve bottom line results.

Working with clients through our DMC Risk Engineering™  program, we broaden the perspective of risk management to include market trends and business objectives, technology-driven innovation and data utilization, enterprise operations and driver coaching. The breadth of considerations and collaboration helps determine the true and total cost of risk while identifying opportunities for safety and operational enhancements.

DMC Risk Engineering™ is available to all of our clients. For each new client, we start with a discussion about your business and what is important to you. We then determine with you the best method for ongoing performance analysis to make continual improvements. DMC Insurance remains vigilant in leveraging data insights, technological advances and industry trends to help optimize solutions to evolving needs.

DMC Risk Engineering™ focuses on:

Holistic Risk Engineering

How can your operations be safer to reduce risk? We augment traditional risk engineering with an enterprise perspective to identify challenges and opportunities for process, operations and safety enhancements across the continuum. Approaching risk engineering holistically yields improved results for everyone.

Telematics Insights

It’s more than having data, it’s how you use it. We look at telematics beyond a pricing tool for insurance companies. Rather, when used to its potential, our clients become the primary beneficiary. We help derive actionable insights by connecting various data points to enable smarter operations.

Coaching and Culture

Even with the best risk strategy and data utilization in place, driver execution is critical to success. We help clients develop a safety culture through driver coaching and incentive programs resulting in a shared benefit of improving driver safety, minimizing insurance claims and reducing operational cost.


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