Pat Corydon

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Pat has worked with Joe and Gary for over forty years. He began his career with Ernst & Young in public accounting, where he specialized in property & casualty insurance for nearly a decade. During this period, he served a wide variety of customers, including Baldwin & Lyons, and received extensive training in actuarial methodology and reserve analysis. Pat is a CPA and utilized this experience with Baldwin & Lyons. As Executive Vice President and CFO, he was responsible for all accounting functions, finance, actuarial services, reinsurance ceded and assumed, regulatory and rating agency relationships, federal and state taxes, and had direct oversight of a number of different product lines.

Pat participates in the weekly account roundtables, the monthly claim roundtables and provides unmatched ability to assess and evaluate all financial aspects of DMC’s prospects and customers, with a special emphasis on the self-insured retentions of the largest trucking companies in the country.

DMC Insurance