Read what brokers are saying about working with DMC Sales

The reason why I, as a broker, choose to develop a relationship with DMC is the fact that Sales really makes an effort to get out in front of clients and develop a strong relationship. There’s not a lot of insurance carriers that take that time. That’s very important, and without that, I wouldn’t be putting DMC in front of my best customers. That’s the biggest difference that speaks to DMC, they care to take the effort and time to make it personal.

We just went through our first renewal with DMC, and 34 days before the renewal we had our quote in hand. I’ve been in this business for a long time, and even in softer markets than we are in now, to have a quote over 30 days in advance does not ever happen. We had it in hand early and from a broker perspective, that’s what makes us want to move forward with DMC. That extra time really helps us to guide our customers and make good decisions.

Any problems we’ve had with the insured have been faced head-on and worked through. Our DMC sales specialist, Stacy Renz, is very persistent, and I’m glad for that because it keeps me on task. We have a lot on our plate, and she helps keep things on track. Also, she’s very responsive. When I need something from her, she’s always good at getting back to me right away, and I really appreciate that.

John Creager is always available. I know I can reach out with any questions or needs, day or night, and he will get back to me quickly and get me answers. Working through the quoting and renewal process with John has shown he is a very creative thinker and can offer creative solutions. I appreciate the flexibility DMC has to build these custom programs, and I feel confident about what DMC offers after working through this complicated program with them.

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